Veterinarian and Animal Hospital Serving the Pets of East Haven, CT

At Spring Glen Veterinary Clinic, we celebrate every pet for their differences and unique personalities. We also understand that individual pets require individualized care and medicine in order to thrive. Conveniently located near East Haven, CT, our animal hospital proudly offers a wide range of veterinary services for dogs, cats, and even birds! For every year and every life stage, your pet deserves treatment from a team of veterinary professionals who care about you and your pet.

Veterinarian Near East Haven, CT
Cat at Our Animal Hospital Near East Haven, CT

Our Veterinary Services for Pets Near East Haven, CT

Our animal hospital near Easy Haven, CT is open 6 days a week and provides personalized care for your pet. All of our services are dedicated to keeping your pet healthy and pain-free for life. We also aim to provide you with the education you need to be an excellent caregiver to your pet and have the confidence to make informed choices on their behalf.

Our veterinary services include:

Care From Avian Vets Near East Haven, CT

If you’re in the East Haven, CT area and need a vet who can treat your bird, consider giving us a call! Birds should see a veterinarian at least once a year, just like any other pet. In addition to an exam, we can also offer counseling regarding your bird’s nutrition, housing, grooming, and more. For less-experienced bird owners, understanding their needs and knowing when they are unwell can be challenging. That’s why we’re here to help, and why we encourage you to contact us.

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