Pet Diagnostics in Hamden

In an effort to provide our patients with high-quality pet diagnostic care, we partner with the veterinarians at Central Animal Hospital for Veterinary Medicine, which is located about three miles from our animal hospital. All diagnostic exams for our patients are performed there on Thursdays.

Some of the pet diagnostic services that are available include:

  • Digital X-rays
  • Ultrasound & EKG
  • Dermatology
  • Cardiology
Pet Diagnostics in Hamden, CT


Central Animal Hospital’s board-certified veterinary dermatologist has specialized training in diagnosing and treating disorders of the skin, fur/hair, mouth, ears, and claws. She can also treat allergies and various skin diseases, including autoimmune diseases and parasitic skin diseases, as well as skin cancer, cysts, and tumors.

Veterinarian examining a dog's ear

Specialty Medicine

If your pet is in need of an ultrasound, digital X-rays, or an EKG (echocardiogram) we can refer you to Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine in North Haven. An ultrasound involves safely, non-invasively examining your pet’s internal organs. The ultrasound produces a 3D image of your pet in real time using sound waves. This allows the shape and size of the organs to be evaluated, aiding in the detection of masses and pregnancy, among other conditions. An EKG (echocardiogram) involves assessing heart health, also using ultrasound waves.

During your pet’s X-ray exam, he will be evaluated by a board-certified radiologist. X-rays allow for an internal examination of your pet for the detection of fractures, foreign bodies, and more. Because the X-ray images are produced digitally, they can be easily displayed and enhanced on a computer monitor. They can also be shared via email.


With the cardiology services available at Central Animal Hospital, various heart conditions can be diagnosed and treated. These include heart murmurs, feline hyperthyroidism, and systemic hypertension. These services are often combined with the hospital’s ultrasound diagnostic services.

If you would like to schedule a diagnostic exam at Central Animal Hospital for Veterinary Medicine, give us a call at 203-248-2104.