Cat and Dog Counseling for Pet Owners in Hamden

Did you recently add a new dog or cat to your family? Do you have questions about the best foods to feed her, or about how to best blend her into your family? If so, Spring Glen Veterinary Clinic has the answers. We offer dietary, behavioral, and pet-family bond counseling services to address these and other questions you may have about your four-legged friend. Our goal is to not only make and keep your pet healthy, but to help her be a lovable, pleasant member of your family.

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Dog and Cat Counseling in Hamden, CT
  • Dietary Counseling for Dogs and Cats Whether it’s your pet’s first or fifth visit to our clinic, we can speak with you about her dietary needs. Our recommendation vary from pet to pet and are based on current health status, calorie needs, age, and species/breed. We often recommend Royal Canin® food products, especially the Royal Canin® Breed Health Nutrition® line. This line includes specific nutrition that’s formulated to meet the unique needs of pure breed dogs.
  • Cat and Dog Behavior Counseling Our behavior counseling service can be included with your pet’s wellness exam, or it can be scheduled separately. We address some of the most common behavior issues in dogs and cats, and give our recommendations on how to correct them. We can also provide tips on how to prevent future behavior issues. This service is especially helpful for families with new puppies.
  • Pet-Family Bond Counseling If you have questions about how to best blend your dog or cat with the rest of the family, we’d be happy to answer them during your pet’s wellness exams. We believe pets play an important role in a family, so we want to do everything we can to nurture the human-animal bond.

If you would like to schedule a counseling appointment at our Hamden animal hospital, or if you would just like to learn more about these services, give us a call at 203-248-2104 or book an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon.

Dog and Cat Counseling with the Family in Hamden, CT